Eisma harbour location and contacts:
Juhataja telefon +372 5131442
Harbour Master +372 53452487
E-mail: info@eismasadam.ee
Aadress: Eisma küla, Haljala vald, Lääne Virumaa.
Eisma port is located 1 hour and 15 minutes
from Tallinn and 30 minutes from Rakvere.


Sauna – comfortably accommodates 8 people.
Boat rides – on various sailboat classes in the vicinity of Eisma port.
Basic training in sailing and marine safety – Eisma harbor sailing instructors conduct a short course on the basics of sailing and sea safety. Covers both theory and practice.
Fishing – angling on the harbor quays, trap and net fishing with local fishermen.
Nature hikes by the sea – Eisma port is located on the edge of Lahemaa National Park. It is possible to choose both shorter (3-5km) and longer tracks (10-15km).